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The Zica Virtual Drive


Step into the virtual world for a quick test drive of Zica, the new zippy car from Tata Motors. The app showcases India’s first Virtual Drive experience, a one-of-a-kind exploration of Zica’s innovative & fresh design language with cutting edge driving dynamics. Experience either in Standard (Handheld) mode or combine with the ‘Zica Virtual Drive Gear’ in the Headset mode. The stellar virtual experience immerses you in a stadium with Lionel Messi, Global Brand Ambassador, Tata Motors, before moving on to a comprehensive exterior and interior view of the car while it travels on road. The experience is surreal and covers the #Fantastico features of the Zica.As part of the ‘Zica 7 Senses’ campaign, its a #Fantastico experience for your eyes. The Zica Virtual Drive is for the first of the 7 senses – Sight. Designed to give a complete experience of the car, ‘Zica 7 Senses’ makes all the senses work together to create an emotion that is greater than the sum of its parts. In the app, you can also learn more about the key features that make Zica a standout hatchback, and also Book A Test Drive, or even Book The Zica itself. Download the app and get virtual now!